Wind-Up & Tin Toys

Best wind-up & tin toys for purchase, Antique wind-up toys in the 1800s and early last century are specifically nostalgia-inducing simply because they originate currently before computer systems, televisions, and radio entertainment. These tin, clockwork-powered playthings stored children engaged and entertained.

Mechanical parts were frequently hidden within the toy’s largest section or base, and extended motion to appendages via wires or springs. For instance, a toy carriage typically powered its miniature horse, instead of the other way round. Some toys utilized weighted flywheels, whereby a drawn string or lever used the inertia of the weighted spring to produce movement. Twisted elastic or tin also provided energy to show the gears of wind-up and tin toys.

More than any other single relic from childhood, a favorite toy inspires sentimental feelings. Antique toys, while not part of a collector's personal memories, inspire that same nostalgic longing for simpler times and happier days.

Whether the item is a Johnny the Dancing Clown wind-up and tin toys from perhaps a German-made wind-up slide carousel in the turn from the twentieth century, the antique appearance of pressed, colored tin and also the slightly worn appearance of the well-loved clockwork toy is irresistible to antique toy enthusiasts.