Play Dishes Toys

Play dishes wholesale and retail play set includes place-settings for four (toy dishes, glasses, spoons, forks, and knives), plus exciting accents like play ice cubes and lemon slices. Don't forget the checkered placemats! Great play kitchen accessory.

Every child loves to play house. Kids love to sit down and enjoy imaginary dinner with their grown-up family. Of course, to have a proper play dinner, a kid needs play dishes set. while helping kids learn how to set the table and cooperative play.

kids you will need to offer pretend foods anytime. This children dish set toy is vibrantly colored and fun to make use of. Once the party has ended and they're finished, your children can make believe you wash their dishes and put it well to their durable and realistic plastic dish drainer! Sturdy and Safe.

Play dish set toy is made of heavy and sturdy plastic and contains no small parts. It is completely safe to use. It meets all safety standards for a toy of its type. This means that while your children play house and serve imaginary dinner, you can have the peace of mind knowing that their play is safe and sound.