Face Stickers

Searching wholesale face stickers, in fun animal images and exotic designs, provides a new intending to the word "eye chocolate." These stickers are available in many styles, including slanting black and red evil eyes and obvious, sparkly angel eyes. You'll find them in sheets or rolls, featuring exactly the same designs or assorted stickers. These stickers feature soft glues, gentle enough for application towards the skin, yet sufficiently strong to resist water, grime, and sweat.

Emotions vector Face Stickers of a sad or sleepy person. Stylized face, wavy colored hair falling on both sides of it, closed eyes and big lips. Free face stickers for emotions, feelings, expressions, sadness and depression designs. Sad pretty girl vector for info face stickers.

Face stickers are available in many styles, allowing you to produce a flirty, funny, or feminine look. Some, for example eye tattoo stickers, feature beautiful, exotic wings, sweeping away from the eye lids to produce a sultry, exotic look. Incidents where have intricate adornments round the edges, and you may locate them in sophisticated black and bold red.